To: Fife Council

Icy playgrounds =broken bones!

Icy playgrounds =broken bones!

Salt/grit all School Playgrounds!!

Why is this important?

As a Granny of 3 children at Kelty Primary School I was shocked to see text sent out by Fife Council informing parents that only the entrance to school will be salted..the playground today is like a sheet of Glass and 1 wee girl took tumble landing fully on her face..yesterday a wee boy broke his wrist after slipping on ice ...It is Fife Councils policy to make pupils go out in all weathers at break times so therefore it falls upon them to make the playground a safe environment, Surely!


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Reasons for signing

  • It was dangerous
  • Childrens safety should never come second to anything
  • Nearly fell myself taking my grandson to school, he fell 3 times


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C'mon folks sign it before our wee ones are hurt badly x