To: Bath and NE Somerset Council

Improve safety at the Claverton Down/Oakley road junction in Bath

Improve safety at the Claverton Down/Oakley road junction in Bath

Petition Bath and North East Somerset Council to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists on the approaches to and at the junction, in particular by:
- enforcing the 20mph speed limit;
- improving pedestrian safety on the pavements;
- installing measures which allow pedestrians to cross safely to the Community Hall, bus stop and National Trust fields;
- improving visibility at the junction.

Why is this important?

This petition is for those who live, study or work in Bath and North East Somerset.
In spite of the speed limit reduction in some of the Bathwick and Widcombe Hill areas to 20mph, the speeding problems continue to increase, causing considerable danger and disturbance to local residents and visitors. In particular, we note that:
At least 11 accidents (known of) at the junction of Claverton Down Road and Oakley since August 2016 alone. These have all occurred in close proximity to the residential area pavements and are near one of the main entrances to the Bath Skyline walk, the Claverton Down Community Hall and main bus stop, putting pedestrians at serious risk.
In 3 such instances since August 2016, cars were bounced on to the pavement by the force of the impact, potentially threatening serious injury and death to pedestrians.
Recently, a traffic enforcement officer recorded 50 instances in 50 minutes where motorists had exceeded the speed limit of 20mph by more than double this amount.
In spite of the above, the chief constable of the Avon and Somerset Police has reported to the local MP that there is no speeding issue in the area.

Bath and North East Somerset


Reasons for signing

  • Average speed of cars is a least twice the speed limit which is resulting in numerous accidents and near misses for cars and pedestrians. The speed limit needs to be enforced
  • Pedestrian safety needs to be improved here. Busses are also a problem - often forcing other vehicles onto pavements as they will not give way and the bend is too narrow.
  • It is a very busy and dangerous junction, particularly during school and university term and I have seen lots of near accidents


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