To: The Rt. Hon. John Hayes

Improve the Severn Crossing tolls situation

Improve the Severn Crossing tolls situation

Please fix the intolerable situation with the queueing traffic at the Severn Crossing Tolls.
We are relentlessly hit with increasing costs and increasing queues. £6.40 for a car to cross? Insanity.
1. Cap the costs and make them fair
2. Automate the crossings and reduce the impact on individuals and businesses

Why is this important?

Unnecessary traffic, being ripped off. Why are we putting up with this in 2014?

How many hours of people's lives is it ok to steal? How much from their pockets? How many businesses are being impacted by unnecessary queues? Holiday makers forced to sit in traffic. Why do this to people? For no reason other than to dip into their pockets!

Please add your voice to do something about this ridiculous situation on the Severn Crossing Tolls.

South West

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