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To: Barnet Council

Improved safety in The Causeway, East Finchley

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Allie Smith
Improved safety in The Causeway, East Finchley

East Finchley residents would like Barnet Council to improve the lighting and install CCTV in the The Causeway, between East Finchley Station and Cedar Drive, to improve safety for the many commuters, residents and school children using the footpath.

Why is this important?

The footpath provides a direct route between the station, East End Road and Hampstead Garden Suburb and is heavily used by commuters. It is also used by pupils of Archer Academy throughout the day as they move between their two buildings.

Last October a teenage girl was subjected to a serious sexual assault in The Causeway while walking home from school, and in March another teenage girl was targeted in exactly the same spot, leaving residents afraid to leave their homes after dark.

We believe that there are some simple measures that could be taken to improve safety for residents and commuters alike.

London N2, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • I think this is something that needs to be improved to help for the safety of the citizens of East Finchley.
  • because of the causeway i can’t walk home as early as i’d like to and when i’m coming back from school i’m too scared to come this way and have to go the long way. i really think this is important and i hope this is successful
  • Safety for women and girls should be a top priority when we are at least 50% of the population.


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