To: MP of Environment

Introduce legislation on single use bulk bags.

Introduce legislation on single use bulk bags.

Introduce legislation on single use 1 Tonne bags, so that reusable bags might one day replace them.

Why is this important?

The reason that I feel this is an important issue is because the current wastage for builders 1 Tonne single use bags is around 25 million per year, with the waste being over 18,000 Tonnes.

The waste for plastic carrier bags was 15,200 Tonnes when legislation was introduced.

Reusable bulk bags are available and can substantially reduce the wastage per year.

As you can see we have a waste greater than when legislation was introduced for the plastic carrier bags.

If nothing is done then we could see an increase to 50 million bags by 2025 which would total around 36,000 Tonnes.

From our current observations at merchants yards 6.3 million reusable bags could replace the 50 million single use bags.

A reduction of 43.7 million bags per year, which is over 31,000 Tonnes of waste.

Single use bags are currently not returnable to the supplier, and are made from polypropylene which is an oil derivative, disposal to landfill or incineration is not environmentally friendly or desirable.

With this petition we could hopefully open the eyes of MP’s to the vast amount of wasted resources.

It can be done and it should be done, but it will not be done without the legislation.

Act now and sign up!

Thank you.