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To: Boris Johnson

Investigate Police Violence against students in London

Investigate Police Violence against students in London

Dear Boris Johnson,

Please hold an official investigation into the behaviour of the Metropolitan police on Wednesday 4th, Thursday 5th and Friday 6th December against peacefully protesting University of London students.

Why is this important?

Over two days in Bloomsbury 41 people were arrested while exercising their democratic right to protest. There are videos of people being pushed to ground by police officers, and of one protester being punched in the face twice by a metropolitan officer.

Those arrested were driven to police stations far from central London, had their phones taken off them, and were bailed on the condition that they did not walk down Malet Street. Those arrested included student presidents, journalists with their press cards and legal observers.

The next day a rally was held in opposition to the police behaviour on Thursday. As this rally gathered police officers went into a nearby costa and searched the bags of students and intimidated them. Similar things were happening on nearby Euston Road. Within 10 minutes of the rally starting riot police were surrounding the peaceful protesters.

It appears that the metropolitan police are using terrorism laws to persecute and intimidate peaceful student activists. This after the arrest of the president and vice president of the University of London Union - one for arranging a protest, one for questioning the police on their stop and searching of black students.

The police cannot simply intimidate young people into silence, it is vital that an investigation is carried out into this behaviour - and those responsible are held accountable.

Reasons for signing

  • They're all in it together. Stamp out protests with immoderate force to silence the downtrodden masses. What a disgusting nation 'Great' Britain is becoming under Tory rule.
  • This is England! Supposedly Great Britain and a democratic nation, what is the coalition government turning it into, as that's obviously who gave the orders for such behaviour!
  • Violence against peaceful protesters is immoral, illegal and counter-productive.


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