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To: Jonathan Lord MP for Woking, Surrey

Jonathan Lord MP, Please Support & Sign the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill

Jonathan Lord MP, Please Support & Sign the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill

Support & Sign the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Private Members’ Bill:

● Ensure the UK reduces greenhouse gas emissions in line with our legal obligations to limit global heating to 1.5°C,
● Focus on nature as well as climate, protecting and conserving habitats in the UK and internationally,
● Hold a legally binding Citizens’ Assembly to help the UK Government and Parliament decide how to move forward in the transition to a zero-carbon society.

Why is this important?

● We are facing an unprecedented climate crisis and the UK Government simply isn’t doing enough, soon enough.

● The CEE Bill, drawn up in consultation with leading academics, scientists and lawyers, presents clear proposals for addressing our entire carbon footprint, while actively conserving nature here and overseas.

● As hosts of the COP26 international climate conference in 2021, the UK Government has pledged to provide climate leadership. Backing this vital Bill is a key step in that direction.

● More information:
Why we need the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill | CEE Bill Alliance #CEEBill

United Nations Climate Change Conference UK 2021

Woking, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Covid has changed our way of life, but Climate Change can have an even bigger impact and needs to be tackled without delay.
  • Climate change is the biggest threat that humanity is facing. It will determine the future of us all and we are running out of time to act. The UK Government is failing on its own climate goals - that is why we need clear and binding climate legislation now. The alternative is more floods, more fires, more migrations, more deaths, and entire ecosystems disappearing forever.
  • The ice caps are melting, the forests are burning and we are living through the sixth mass extinction of species in our planet's history. Humanity is facing it's greatest challenge and the next decade is critical for the future of the planet and our children's future.


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