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To: The Home Secretary, Theresa May MP

Justice for the Lawrence Family

Justice for the Lawrence Family

Dear Home Secretary

I believe that a huge number of people would support the call by Neville Lawrence for an independent, judge-led inquiry into the allegations of Peter Francis that the Met SDS was tasked with finding ways to smear the reputation of the Lawrence family, rather than carry out a thorough investigation into the brutal, racist murder of their son Stephen. I believe that tagging an investigation onto two pre-existing inquiries is an inadequate response, as this is yet another example of the serially corrupt conduct of the Met, and in order to restore confidence in the force amongst both the minority and the majority ethnic communities of the country we need a root and branch investigation of the Met's culture then, and the extent to which it informs current policy and practice.
Robin Landman OBE

Why is this important?

Many of us would have been appalled but unsurprised at the revelations in The Guardian on Monday 24th June that allegations from former undercover police officer Peter Francis indicate the Lawrence family were targeted by the Met in order to smear their reputation, rather than concentrating their efforts and resources on investigating the brutal racist murder of their son Stephen. This is yet another revelation that further damages the reputation of the Met, following a series of stories that indicate that it has lost its moral compass.

We in the Network for Black Professionals believe that large numbers of the British public - both from the majority and minority ethnic communities - would support Neville Lawrence's call for an independent, judge-led inquiry into these allegations. We further believe that the Home Secretary's response of tagging these fresh allegations onto two pre-existing inquiries is inadequate, and that only a clearly focused and truly independent inquiry would give the reassurance that the public needs, and provide some closure for Doreen and Neville Lawrence and their children.

How it will be delivered

I'll be delivering the petition to the Home Office this Wednesday.


Reasons for signing

  • The Lawrence family are not the only victims of police corruption 20 year cover up for the killers of Katrina Taylor
  • They need and deserve the truth
  • I believe that justice needs to be done!


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