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To: Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Justice and Andrew Selous secretary of prisons

Justice not vengeance for Ian Ball

This is an appeal to both the secretary of state for justice and the secretary for prisons, probation and rehabilitation, to stage an investigation/review into the continuing incarceration of Ian Ball at Broadmoor.

Why is this important?

Sent to Broadmoor in 1974, for the attempted kidnap of Princess Anne, Ian Ball has been incarcerated for 41 years.

Ball shot 3 people during the attempted kidnap. All three were given well deserved medals for bravery. And, thankfully, all three quickly recovered full health.

Ball pleaded guilty to all charges. Broadmoor may well have been the correct place to detain Ball, as he admitted suffering mental health problems.

Indeed, Ball's ransom demand was, £3 million be given to the NHS to provide mental health care as he couldn't obtain treatment himself. Botched from start to finish, the whole escapade seemed a desperate cry for help. But surely after 41 years in a secure psychiatric facility, presumably receiving treatment and rehabilitation, it's time to, at least, review the man's case and sentence.

To my mind, Ball's ongoing incarceration is nothing more than State vengeance. If you agree, please sign the petition. Thank you.

Reasons for signing

  • Is Ian ball still behind bars or has he been released ,
  • It would be good to have a review
  • Everyone deserves a chance to be rehabilitated. 41 years is too long.


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