To: Greg Clark

Kedleston Hall: protect our national heritage

Kedleston Hall: protect our national heritage

We request Greg Clark to call-in a planning application to build 400 houses on land within the Kedleston Estate.

Why is this important?

A planning application was submitted to Amber Valley Borough Council to build 400 houses and a convenience store on Grade II agricultural land within the setting of Grade I listed Kedleston Hall. The land is owned by the Curzon Family who have instructed Catesby Estates Limited to gain planning permission on their behalf.

This planning application, had been refused by Amber Valley Borough Council, as they agreed it would harm a number of designated heritage assets including the Grade I Kedleston Hall, Grade I Registered Park and Garden, Grade II registered Kedleston Hotel and Kedleston Conservation area.

It was also agreed by statutory bodies such as English Heritage and National Trust that this development would "cause harm to heritage assets of the highest significance associated with the Kedleston Estate." It would also set a precedent for further development on this and other National Heritage sites.

Catesby Estates have now submitted an appeal to the Secretary of State, against the councils decision to refuse planning consent.

This planning application is of national heritage significance and should be 'called in' by the Department of Communities and Local Government.

Kedleston Hall, Kedleston, Amber Valley District

Reasons for signing

  • Magical place- probably my favourite historic house. I spent some happy times painting the house which is set in such a lovely landscape with my dad. Hate to think others would not get a that opportunity -the view being ruined by hundreds of executive homes.
  • Why I signed???.. Isn't it obvious?!!
  • We need to protect out heritage sites and land so that our children can enjoy their beauty and history too.


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