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To: NW London NHS

Keep A&E at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

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Melvyn Jeremiah

Great news!

The A&E at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is staying open along with others at Hillingdon, Northwick Park, St Mary’s and West Middlesex.

You can read more here:

Over 7000 of you signed the petition to save the A&E department. This made a really big difference in making sure NHS North West London made the right decision to save this vital A&E department which so many of us value.

The fight continues to save other A&Es in London and across the country.

Keep A&E at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

We support the recommendation of NHS North West London’s "Shaping a healthier future" public consultation that Chelsea and Westminster Hospital should be one of five major hospitals, all retaining their A&E departments (Option A in the full details of the proposals at )

Why is this important?

If Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is downgraded to a local hospital without a full A&E department, it would also lose its maternity and many other services, including children’s, and its future would be under threat.

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Reasons for signing

  • intersted in local consultations
  • To keep A & E
  • This is the only hospital I ever go to with my children when we need to visit A&E, and both my children were born here - it is a FANTASTIC hospital and deserves so much support.


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