To: HM Government employers of the West Mercia PCC


Unfortunately we lost: The PCC sold the number despite the opposition. Thanks for all your help though


I would ask that the Government recognise the fact that the registration number AB1 was gifted to the Chief Constable of Worcestershire in perpetuity to be used on the Chief Constables car and not to be disposed of. This is a recognised part of Worcestershire's history and should not be disposed of. The county's PCC should be instructed to retain the number in perpetuity as originally gifted

Why is this important?

As a retired Police Officer. AB1 is a strongly loved piece of history to me, other retired and current officers and people in the county of Worcestershire.


Reasons for signing

  • The uk government needs do something
  • because my dad drove this car as he was a traffic officer at worcester
  • It was good to see AB1 travelling the roads of Worcestershire


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