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To: BBC Scotland

Keep Beechgrove Garden On Air

Keep Beechgrove Garden On Air

We want BBC Scotland to reconsider the prolonged gap the programme is being taken off air for. We would also like it returned to BBC2 to maintain it's viewer numbers.

Why is this important?

A show which has celebrated 40 years of popularity and still attracts viewers worldwide should not be removed from our screens during the peak season for gardeners. Their announced gap of almost 2 months is completely unacceptable!
During these worrying times of environmental crises a programme encouraging gardening, growing, respect for nature, and teaching people to 'grow their own' is needed more than ever.
The claims by BBC Scotland that investment will be going into social media is entirely pointless. None of us pay our licence fees for social media.
Return this much loved institution to it's rightful place on BBC2 (where viewers can find it) and, most importantly, ensure it's broadcast every week during late Spring and through Summer.

Reasons for signing

  • I’m sick to death of gardening programmes being sacrificed for yet more sport coverage. Beechgrove is a 30 minute slot, surely us gardeners are entitled to such a small pleasure. We pay our TV licence too!!!
  • If the BBC cannot find 30 minutes in their schedules to transmit Beechgrove while the so called more important Women's World Cup is on then they are more stupid and incompetent than I realized.
  • A very informative and enjoyable programme


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