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To: Brighton & Hove City Council and English Heritage

Keep Brighton Hippodrome for live performance

We call upon Brighton & Hove City Council and English Heritage to reject the current planning application to convert Brighton Hippodrome into an eight-screen cinema. It should be restored for its intended use: live performance.

Why is this important?

The magnificent Brighton Hippodrome needs your help to save it from being wrecked.

It is a unique theatre building, listed Grade II* by English Heritage because of its historical and architectural significance. It was converted into a variety theatre in 1901/02 by Frank Matcham, the leading theatre architect of the time. It is one of only three theatres of its type in the country. It is of national importance.

After closing as a variety theatre in 1965, it was a bingo hall until 2007. The stunning interior, however, is still in remarkable condition, with very little deterioration. Nonetheless, the Hippodrome is top of the Theatres Trust list of Theatre Buildings at Risk.

Suddenly, in mid 2013, a proposal to convert the building into an eight-screen cinema emerged. The plans involve demolishing the stage, the fly-tower, all the back-stage facilities, the stalls and the orchestra pit.

Without these it ceases to be a theatre. Please sign the petition to help to keep it intact.

English Heritage has a statutory responsibility to protect listed buildings. It says any changes should be reversible. The proposed changes will make this impossible.

No one so far has tried to produce a scheme for restoration for its real purpose: live performance. It would be a national scandal if the opportunity to save the Hippodrome were squandered because of misinformation and short-term gain.

Please sign this petition to allow the Our Brighton Hippodrome campaign to produce that missing theatre proposal, for presentation to the Council, to English Heritage and the developers. We have the knowledge, we have the experience and we have the contacts. All we need is time.

Read about the campaign, see the full details of our objection and see pictures of the Hippodrome

The developer’s plan for conversion (not restoration!) to a multi-screen cinema:


2014-12-03 11:37:42 +0000

Brighton & Hove City Council has now given final approval to the planning application to demolish most of the building for conversion into retail, restaurant and cinema units. Our Brighton Hippodrome is continuing to fight its campaign. Follow us on Facebook

2014-11-02 11:16:23 +0000

The current planning application remains 'under consideration' while Brighton & Hove City Council looks at Our Brighton Hippodrome's viability study, business plan and other matters concerning the handling of the application and the opposition to it (see

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