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To: Andrea Leadsom, Energy Minister

Don't relax fracking rules

Don't relax fracking rules

Keep the current traffic light regulation for fracking activity.

Why is this important?

The current regulation for seismic activity, which is a traffic light monitoring system for fracking, was agreed with the industry who wanted to be seen as safe and responsible.

Now as there are increased earthquakes which cause a pause in operational activity, the industry is asking for the regulation to be relaxed.

Locals are concerned that increased earthquakes are causing damage. Therefore the current traffic light system needs to be retained . Please ask the energy minister to ensure the current regulations will be upheld.


Reasons for signing

  • I can't see how humans can keep removing everything from the earth without thinking about the future and what is going to happen. Surely with all the gases ,oil and coal being removed the earth could collapse inwards. Everyone is at last worrying about climate change but no one seems to be worried about the planet's innards!
  • We live on islands - no one knows for sure what the results of this underground method of oil and gas extraction will do but the dangers are inherent. Don't let's go there - lets heed the warnings!
  • The effects of fracking are not just at the point of extraction. We should not be looking at any new method for extracting hydrocarbons.


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