To: Exeter City Council

Keep Exeter Bus Station Open

Keep Exeter Bus Station Open

Keep buses operating from Exeter bus Station until firm plans are made to either build another one or refurbish this one.

Why is this important?

*. Exeter Bus Station is due to be closed in 2018. Buses will then park on city streets causing considerable congestion and inconvenience to users.
*. An important city like Exeter needs a central bus station.
*. People, particularly the elderly will be confused when looking for buses which could be in any one of four or five locations.
*. People coming from out of the city by coach need a way of accessing local buses easily. How will they find which bus they need.
*. If no plans emerge to build a new bus station and buses operate from the streets for years, a new bus station is unlikely to happen

I use bus station almost daily and am happy that I can find the bus I need easily at the moment; I can grab a bite to eat, sit and wait in the warm or use the facilities before I get on the bus.

From the central bus station I can meet up with friends and go on outings. As an older person I find the company is wonderful and getting out out of the city for walking keeps me positive.

But closing the bus station will cause confusion not just to myself but many people, particularly those who are less able. Trying to find a bus from the myriad of places where they are planned to stop when the bus station goes fills me with dread.

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • I regularly use National Express and Megabus! Where am I supposed to catch them? My god, I travel the world and even in the poorest countries there are bus stations! Shame on Exeter!
  • No point in closing it when there is no timetable for replacing it. If it closes, a replacement will never happen.
  • I use the bus station regularly and feel to knock it down and start again would be an unnecessary cost just do it up would make much more sense to me


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