To: Torfaen County Borough Council

Keep Garn Lakes for Dog Walkers

Keep Garn Lakes for Dog Walkers

Tomorrow the 15th November a 4 week consultation period will start and finish on the 15th December. This is to close the area of Garn Lakes to all dogs off-lead. In future they want all dogs to be on leads.

This petition is a submission to the council to keep Garn Lakes as it is and allow dogs the pleasure of free running. This is possibly the safest area for Guide Dog owners to allow their hard working dogs, to be dogs, and let off some energy and relax after a hard day working.

Why is this important?

Dear Friends,

I just added the petition "Keep Garn Lakes for Dog Walkers".

It would mean a lot to me if you took a moment to add your name because:
Garn Lakes is a safe environment for Dog owners and Guide Dog owners to let their dogs run and play after a hard day. Guide Dog Puppy Walkers also use it as training grounds to teach them good manners meeting other people and it's extremely important to socialise our pups with other dogs. I cannot stress enough what it will mean if this area bans dogs from off-lead runs.
To the general public and their pups and dogs I would say that we all know just how many dog attacks there are at present, therefore, the more pups and dogs can socialise with others the better mannered our pups and dogs will be. Please don't stop us from using Garn Lakes.

Help support us by signing this petition. Thank you.

Real change happens when everyday people like you and I come together and stand up for what we believe in. Together we can reach heaps of people and help create change around this important issue.

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Garn Lakes Area, Torfaen County Borough Council, Llanfrechfa Way, Cwmbran

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Reasons for signing

  • As my two boys love enjoying the lakes and will be upset to not be able to enjoy the lakes anymore there is no need to stop dog walkers enjoying this lovely spot!
  • A truly dog friendly area, have made some really great friends for both myself and Milo it would be criminal if the authority stopped dogs running and exercising as they should
  • A beautiful area where after a hard day you can just have a relaxing walk with the dogs and they can have fun exercising in a safe friendly area. Please vote to keep this area dog friendly and how it should be, to be enjoyed by everyone.!!


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