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To: Fife Health and Social Care Partnership

Keep GP out of hours services in St. Andrews

Reject proposals to close the Primary Care Emergency Services (GP out of hours service) run from St. Andrews Hospital.

Why is this important?

The Fife Health and Social Care Partnership want to close the Primary Care Emergency Service (GP out of hours) run from St. Andrews Hospital. They propose to move the service to Kirkcaldy.
Local GPs say that the proposed new service represents an unacceptable loss of local service that will threaten patient safety and impact most profoundly on our elderly patients and on families with children. As a result of the distance involved in having to travel to Kirkcaldy to access services, North East Fife patients will be the most significantly affected by these proposed changes. In addition our community hospitals and palliative care units will be left without local medical cover during the out of hours period.

Please stand up for our local health service by signing this petition.

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North East Fife, Cupar

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Reasons for signing

  • It would be a great pity to lose GP out of hours services in St Andrews. If I am ill I would not like to be travelling the extra miles and hunting around Kircaldy to find the GP out of hours services.
  • Would find it difficult to get to kirkcaldy as I don't drive.
  • Not feasible to travel to Kirkcaldy, if suddenly unwell


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