To: Derbyshire Council / Highway Authority

Keep Ilkeston Bath Street Pedestrianised

To not remove the pedestrianisation in force on Bath Street, Ilkeston. Instead, to look into measures to help promote the businesses on the high street. Suggestions such as more free parking around Bath Street, and promoting the introduction of new shops.

Why is this important?

Bath Street is by most standards a fairly good high street. The pedestrianised part of it is slightly better than the national average for closed shops (whilst the bottom part that allows cars has significantly more closed shops). Instead of destroying what we have by allowing traffic to disrupt shoppers, we need to focus on improving things more to get a fully thriving high street.

Bath Street, Ilkeston

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Reasons for signing

  • Upper Bath Street is a pleasant safe street to shop in and to walk around to access other facilities e.g. banks,. the library, Pubs etc. Nearby parking is good and allowing the number of cars you see in the car parks into Bath Street would ruin it forever. Those who might benefit from vehicular access would be few compared to the masses who would suffer as a result.
  • To encourage people into Ilkeston what is needed is free parking, everybody who lives in Ilson knows this,.
  • I signed because it is just too dangerous to mix vehicles and pedestrians on this narrow street. The Advertiser called for action in the 1940s because of the number of accidents. In the 1960s a shopper stepped off the pavement without looking into the path of my motorcycle. Next thing I was staring up at the front wheels of a bus. Recently I have seen video footage of Bath Street taken just before traffic was banned. The number of near-misses involving pedestrians is truly frightening.


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