To: Andrew Williams leader of Dacorum Borough Council

Keep leisure services community run

This campaign has ended.

Keep leisure services community run

Dacorum Borough Council have put services for leisure management out to tender. This will result in the council and a profit led company taking money out of the facilities and no major new investment for the next 10 years.
Please sign this petition asking them to re-open negotiations with the incumbent operator Dacorum Sports Trust / Sportspace enabling the facilities to continue to be run by the community on a non-profit / charitable basis.

Why is this important?

• We believe that council owned leisure facilities should be operated on behalf of the community by an organisation that is part of the community
• We believe that publicly owned leisure facilities should not be run for profit by either the council or a management company
• We believe that the focus on activities that are driven by profit may result in the many clubs and sports that are currently enjoyed, being either priced out of the market or the facilities becoming unavailable.
• We believe that in partnership, Sportspace and Dacorum Borough Council can successfully rebuild and refurbish facilities that were not in the existing tender process benefiting the community further.
• We believe that any surplus generated by large scale investment by an operator should be reinvested in new leisure services unachievable via the existing tender.

For these reasons, we call on Dacorum Borough Council to not award the contract as intended, and to continue to use Dacorum Sports Trust / Sportspace to manage the contract.

Please sign the petition immediately and then join us here


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Reasons for signing

  • Sportspace is open to everyone its our community. If goes private, well we all know what that means, interested in only profit, and if that fails, then it will be left to deteriorate and will just be sold to build on to make the few rich - same old story, very sad, hope we can stop it!
  • Many regular users will be priced out of using the facilities if the running if the facilities goes to an organisation which has profit as it’s main aim - that’s not good.
  • This decision will price out many talented youngsters from achieving their goals, this decision is a disgrace.


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