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To: Birmingham City Council

Keep Library Services Open In Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Centre

Keep Library Services Open In Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Centre

Instead of closing Royal Sutton Coldfield's Town Library to retain library provision in the town centre, as part of a multi-use community hub or other facility.

Why is this important?

There was a time when public libraries were built like cathedrals. Now, Sutton Coldfield Town Library is no citadel but it is an invaluable, much loved and necessary resource for those of us who live in the town. As well as being a place to borrow and read books Sutton Coldfield Library offers a number of other facilities:

Music Library
Computer/Internet access
Children’s Story Sessions and school holiday activities
Practice Driving Theory Tests
Extensive Historical Archive and Genealogy Help
Police Beat Surgeries
Children’s coding club
Reading Groups-Author readings and performances

Increased resources and opening hours at Mere Green Library will not mitigate the loss of Sutton’s biggest library and does not present a suitable substitute for the vast majority of Town Library users.

We, therefore, strongly urge Birmingham City Council to work with Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council, City Councillors, community groups and local businesses to find a way of retaining a Town Library as part of a multi-use facility, a community hub fit for the 21st Century.

Please sign to show your support (and add your favourite book if you like!)

Sutton Coldfield

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Reasons for signing

  • Sutton Library is our only library round that I feel is a good environment to take my children after school and feel like they are doing something useful with their time, without Sutton library I believe most people will be in a sticky situation.
  • My 3 year old son loves coming to the library. It helps him learn and develop. I am very sad that we are losing this facility. The closure of the library will hit mainly low income families who cannot afford to take their kids out to private establishments.
  • Library is part of our life in the Sutton town


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There is a public demonstration against the proposed closure of Sutton Coldfield Library this Saturday 10th December at 11am-1pm this will conclude with a public meeting at the United Reform Church. Please attend and show your support, some people will be dressing as characters from their favourite books.

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