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Keep Llandysul leisure centre open

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Audrey Keppie

Good news llandysul paddlers have the go ahead from the council to run the leisure centre.
So I hope we all support the paddlers and use the centre as much as
Congratulations to the paddlers

Keep Llandysul leisure centre open

To keep the leisure centre open

Why is this important?

We are told to keep healthy and excerise, but llandysul leisure centre seems to be closing
A five a side football team that has played outside for over 10years, now have to play inside (For the moment) as the outdoor Astro turf pitch is being sold with the old school.
I have played badminton on a Wednesday for over two years, now it is used for five a side football. So I changed from badminton to working out in the gym to find it shut on many occasions, As it is now staffed by people who come from cardigan leisure centre
Ceredigion council seem to be making it so awkward for people to keep to a weekly excerise regime that people are finding alternative gyms and leisure centres, or are just giving up keeping fit.
So come on people of Llandysul and surrounding areas lets get together and stop the council from running the leisure centre down,with the likely probability of it CLOSING


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  • Leisure centre in Llandysul should be open as it is convenient place and my husband likes going to the gym there as he meets new friends and to keep fit.
  • Dwi'n byw gerllaw am gyfnodau helaeth o'r flwyddyn ac nid oes dewis nes i'w gael. Dwi'n methu â chredu bod y polisi hwn yn cyd-ymffurfio â Deddf Lles Cenedlaethau'r Dyfodol i dddiogelu iechyd meddwl a chorfforol y gymuned.
  • I remember Llandysul well. It's not asking much to help a community keep healthy. It's the usual story: "... whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath." Try to run the centre yourselves until the current 'Age of Darkness' ends in a few years.


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