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To: Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport

Keep Northern Public

After the Government takes ownership of Northern Rail on 1 March 2020 it must commit to keeping Northern Rail in the public sector. There must be no return to private sector failure.

Keeping Northern in the public sector will ensure an affordable, reliable and accessible railway for the North.

Why is this important?

After years of providing a terrible rail service Northern was ranked the UK’s worse performing railway in Britain for passenger satisfaction. Despite this shameful performance, in the last decade alone, over £178 MILLION was paid in dividends to Northern’s private shareholders.

Thankfully, Northern will be taken into public ownership from 1 March 2020. Once in public ownership, instead of passengers being fleeced for private profit, the cash will be able to be invested in providing a reliable and affordable railway, with accessible services facilitated by properly staffed stations and guards on trains.

We now need as many people as possible to send a clear message to Government to KEEP NORTHERN PUBLIC and not return it to private ownership.

Please sign this petition and share as widely as possible.



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