To: Tendring District Council



Stop plans to close public toilets in Walton and Frinton. In total the Council plans to close 10 loos across the District.

Why is this important?

The loos in Mill Lane in Walton and behind Connaught Avenue in Frinton are vital for local people, shoppers and visitors. They must not close. Public toilets are a necessity, they provide a vital public service to all age groups who are out and about shopping, visiting friends, going to the GP or sightseeing. With our local elderly population there are many people with special medical conditions which mean they need access to a loo quickly.

Walton and Frinton

Reasons for signing

  • Would the council PLEASE!!! Leave ALL public toilets OPEN!!! to the Public. What are they supposed to do if they are out and about and they need to reieve themselves and there's no public toilets open, And where are meant to go? Plus they also need to be kept clean too, and have a good supply of toilet paper and flushing without touch, and Soap dispensers need to be topped up too.And warm air from the hand driers.
  • the ones in old road are a necessity -- way to far to get done to the sea front
  • This action targets many people but most importantly it will impact the vulnerable members of our community and visitors.


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