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To: Michael Gove

Keep Profit Out Of Child Protection

UPDATE: 20/06/14 After thousands signed this petition and wrote to the government, proposals to allow local authorities in England to privatise child protection services have been abandoned! More here:

Keep Profit Out Of Child Protection

Children and young people’s right to be protected from harm is one of the most fundamental human rights they have. Taking action to protect them is one of the most powerful duties of any state. Investigations and decisions* about any child thought to be at risk of abuse or neglect are some of the most sensitive, skilled, highly-pressured and difficult professional judgments being made every day in our society. Such important public functions must never be open to the real, or even perceived, risk of being done in the pursuit of profit.

Why is this important?

The Department for Education’s consultation on delegating children’s social care functions closes on the 30th May 2014. We recognise the need to explore possible new ways to improve and transform children’s services if their rights and lives are to be well-protected long into the future. We ask Michael Gove to ensure, however, that no commercial company and its shareholders should ever be able to make profit from public spending on child protection.

Every aspect of daily practice and decision-making by child protection professionals has life-changing impacts on the rights and futures of every single child and family member affected. As a society we have already banned private companies from being able to profit from involvement in child adoption. We believe exactly the same kind of legal protection is needed to preserve and build public confidence in child protection, so that whatever else may change in local organisation and delivery, the only legal, professional and organisational motives driving child protection decisions will remain children’s best interests.

*Under section 47 of the Children Act 1989

Reasons for signing

  • It seems they are back on track to do this now...
  • When social services are run by companies the profit motive of the company comes before the interests of the vulnerable they are supposed to protect. We can see this in the current decision to evict vulnerable people with cerbral palsy from 11 of their residential care homes against the will of the people who live there.
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