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To: Kent County Council

Keep the 38 and 38A Bus Subsidy - Petition Closed

We won! 29/11/17

Thank you for signing the petition. The 38 and 38A Routes are now off the danger list so the petition is no longer needed. The 42, however, is still at risk.

Keep the 38 and 38A Bus Subsidy - Petition Closed

Kent County Council, please reconsider the scheme to reduce the subsidies given to this vital bus service!

Why is this important?

The 38 and 38A bus is an important link for residents in Broadstairs, Ramsgate, Manston and Birchington. It links communities where many don't have access to private transport and connects doctors' surgeries, shopping areas and village communities. It reduces car use, reduces airborne pollution, saves on parking charges and keeps communities together.

Thanet District

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Reasons for signing

  • Because the elderly needs these bus service.And the second reason is KCC can pay themselves 15% pay rise.That is not right,
  • Services are crucial to those without their own transport, especially the elderly
  • Most importantly to prevent isolation for those without private transport and to reduce pollution by reducing private car use.


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