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#allchildrenmatter - Keep the Ban on New Grammar Schools

Update 21/06/17

We won! Plans to expand grammar schools dropped – for now

Your support made this possible. Thank you. I know a number of you wrote letters to your MP, shared articles, produced content and helped to spread to the word to your friends. It all made a difference.

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#allchildrenmatter - Keep the Ban on New Grammar Schools

Keep the ban on new Grammar Schools

Why is this important?

We are a coalition of parents, teachers, young people, businesses, charities, and campaigners. Our aim is to make sure every child has a great education and chance in life – no matter their background or where they grow up.

The government has confirmed that it wants to reverse the ban on the creation of new grammar schools that has been in place since 1998.

We share the Government’s ambition and passion for social mobility but experts are unanimous that an expansion of grammar schools would lead to worse outcomes for the majority of children, especially the poorest. This is the right ambition, but the wrong policy.

Grammar schools select only a tiny proportion of children for the best education, leaving others with a second rate choice. Even with quotas, poorer children will have a harder job of getting into these schools. And for the overwhelming majority of children who don’t get in, the evidence is clear that they get worse grades and a worse education.

We want to work with the government on an alternative way to deliver their vision of social mobility. One where every child is supported and valued to get a brilliant education, where every school – no matter its type – stretches and supports our young people. This is how we will have parents who are proud and a country that succeeds.

Please sign and share our petition and show your support for social mobility.

Reasons for signing

  • We don`t need to further divide our already fragmented society Resources must be spent on all schools where teachers are doing an amazing job and they are placed under more and more pressure
  • Education should be equal for all. Selection at 11 serves no purpose as quality comprehensive education enables all abilities to reach their maximum potential.
  • Rah man ting big up the mandem


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