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To: Bank of Scotland

Keep the Bank of Scotland 'Museum on The Mound' in Edinburgh open

The campaign has achieved it's aim. The Bank has decided to keep open the Museum. Grateful thanks to 38 Degrees for facilitating the petition. Regards, Malachi

Keep the Bank of Scotland 'Museum on The Mound' in Edinburgh open

We ask Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group to reconsider the intended closure of their 'Museum on The Mound' in Edinburgh at the end of 2017.

Why is this important?

UPDATE: Lloyds Banking Group has announced (3.11.3017) that the Museum on The Mound is to remain open. A big thank you to everyone who signed the petition. Congratulations and many thanks. Malachi

Opened in 2006, this popular five-star museum currently attracts 50,000 visitors a year, with its fascinating displays and interactives.

Whilst showcasing the history of Bank of Scotland and featuring wonderful treasures from its collections, the focus of the Museum is money … in all its shapes and forms. Not only can visitors see Scotland’s oldest surviving banknote and £1M in genuine £20 notes, but ‘money’ from around the world, such as cowrie shells, wampum, beaver pelts and tobacco…

Central to the Museum is its highly successful education service. School visits stand at c.150 a year, with some 4,000 pupils from across Scotland participating in its hands-on workshops. Teachers, education professionals, local authorities and school children are all full of praise, and consistently rate the service as excellent:

As a teacher, the opportunity to work with such fantastic artefacts was a dream come true.’

‘One of the best educational trips I’ve had in 10 years of teaching. Thank you.’

‘An excellent visit, very active and well organised. The adults were learning along with the children.’

If the proposed closure goes ahead, then the loss of this unique cultural and educational resource will leave Scotland very much the poorer.

We urge Lloyds Banking Group to reconsider this short-sighted and ill-advised decision.

Alex Staniforth, a Green councillor on the City of Edinburgh Council, says, “It would be a real shame to lose the museum, which is a valuable educational resource for local schools as well as a visitor attraction."

Kezia Dugdale, MSP and former leader of the Scottish Labour Party, has tabled a Motion, "That the Parliament notes with concern the proposed closure of the Lloyds Banking Group Museum on the Mound the Scottish Parliament," and, "believes that the closure would be damaging to education and tourism about the culture and history of Edinburgh and Scotland." The Motion is supported by MSPs Richard Lyle, Rona Mackay, Iain Gray, Liam McArthur, John Mason, and Alex Rowley.


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