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To: Justin Welby, the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury

Keep the decisions on Nuclear Waste Disposal in the public domain

Keep the decisions on Nuclear Waste Disposal in the public domain

Please pass this petition to all the Lords Spiritual, in the House of Lords. We wish to prevent the acceptance of : Draft Infrastructure Planning (Radioactive Waste Geological Disposal Facilities) Order 2015. This debate is due to take place in The Moses Room, 3.45pm, Wednesday 25th February 2015 in The House of Lords.

Why is this important?

We need to prevent the decision-making about the underground disposal of nuclear waste from passing to the Secretary of State and being taken away from the local government, with input from the general public.

How it will be delivered

By email


Reasons for signing

  • There is too much to hide and too much at stake to allow the nuclear industry free hand behind closed doors.
  • NIMBY or anyone else's
  • ~ Taking such a major decision out of the hands of local people is a crime against democracy. This will affect lives forever .. Never mind the dangers of wangling the build in unsuitable locations ..


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