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To: Department of Transport

kick in the asphalt

This campaign has ended.

kick in the asphalt

Resurface local roads and lanes, safe space for cycling

Why is this important?

Over the last few months and weeks, local roads and lanes around the country have been scraped instead of resurfaced. The government claims, it is more cost effective way to maintaining roads. This policy has created highly dangerous conditions for thousand of cyclists who uses these roads and lanes, whether commuting to work, leisure rides or staying fit. The loose gravely surface is highly slippery and damn right dangerous, especially in rain, during descents and while turning. How is this policy compatible with policies such as, cycle to work, reducing air pollution, safe space for cycling? This could lead most cyclists on to using main roads with fast moving traffic or avoid riding all together. This policy must be reversed!

United Kingdom

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2017-06-14 16:22:51 +0100

2017-06-14 16:22:26 +0100

Thank you all very much for the support. We past 1000 signatures yesterday and with you help the numbers can grow. Many of you also took the time to write a comment, mostly positive and supportive. A comment I hear often mostly from impatient drivers, is that cyclist don't pay the infamous road tax (which was abolished in 1937) and as such should be banned from cycling on road. It was replaced with a vehicle tax, which penalise cars for pollution not paying for road maintenance. In any case, most cyclist are also drivers.

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