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To: All MPs Mid Ulster district council

Killen area, Demand the correct signage and spelling

Killen area, Demand the correct signage and spelling

Killen area seek the correct spelling on signage WE further seek Irish to be added to our village signage. We therefore seek the council to hold a meeting regarding our requests.
If the above cant be agreed we demand all headstones in the area be replaced and paid for by the council

Why is this important?

As you can understand we all have had a beloved family member or friend who has sadly passed away in the Killen Coalisland area, You may have seen the signage has recently been changed in our area as Killeen, this might not make a big difference to you now but what about or family/friends headstones with the correct spelling (Killen) the impact so far has changed Bus names, Signage, Satnav's, Google services, Royal mail, electoral register, Credit reporting, council information, We need to stand up and become one voice, Fight for the right to have our area spelt correctly (KILLEN). Royal mail has advised they will update the address if enough people sign the campaign which will force others to take action. Royal Mail will contact everyone in the area to obtain a vote pending the council meeting. Please stand up for our area and demand a change. I have lived here for 32 years and the area has always been spelt Killen, The spelling of Killen will be on driving licence birth records and so on its simple for the council to understand our concerns and take the action needed now and not years down the line, Furtherfore to stop tractors driving through Lakeview Park Killen as its a hazard to our children does it take a life to be lost theres a playpark on Lakeview Park Killen and we call an end to tractors, Please sign our cause

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Lakeview Park Killen Coalisland County Tyrone

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