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To: Birmingham city council

Kings Norton skatepark extension & repairs

Kings Norton skatepark extension & repairs

To build an extension of the existing skatepark in kings norton and to carry out necessary repairs to the existing park.

Why is this important?

Kings norton skatepark has played a big part in giving skateboarders, bmxers and scooterists a purpose built and safe environment to use for the last 15+ years.
The existing park has fallen into disrepair and needs some attention.
An extension of the park would benefit the local community, gives young people a place to go and an opportunity to try something new.

King's Norton, Birmingham, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Big up kn, important park
  • Provides a great service to the communityby bringing both younger and older generations together. If done right it could bring in revenue and get Birmingham on the map in the skateboarding, skooter and rollerblading scenes. As a parent I feel safe bringing my children here and if you get involved EVERYONE is welcoming and respectful, a truly great environment.
  • Best park in Brum. Centre of the universe


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