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To: North West Hampshire MP Kit Malthouse

Kit Malthouse - Keep The Ban

Kit Malthouse - Keep The Ban

Please use your vote to keep the ban on fox hunting.

Why is this important?

We need to send a message to Kit that chasing and killing wild foxes for pleasure has no place in NW Hants and no place in 21st century society. The last paragraph of this article states that North West Hampshire MP Kit Malthouse will vote to repeal the ban on fox hunting. No reason given.
He also tried bringing fox hunting to central London back in 2012

It takes a special kind of bravery to take on a fox with nothing but 25 of your mates on horse back and 35 dogs (Ricky Gervais)


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Reasons for signing

  • Not only am I totally opposed to hunting but I also remember him from his time on the Londom Assembly he is a total Knobend
  • MP's that get some morbid thrill at seeing animals suffer have no right to be an MP do the right thing and resign !
  • Having been a victim as a child of our local hunt trespassing on private land whilst exercising my young horse i can say from experience this is a cruel and unnecessary bloodsport. This results on both animal and human suffering and is not needed. There are other proven ways and means.


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