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To: Bristol City Council

Let Bristol Breathe Clean Air – now!

Let Bristol Breathe Clean Air – now!

Take urgent action to address the causes of air pollution in Bristol

Why is this important?

I cycle to work in Bristol daily and increasingly get home with a tight chest and struggling to breathe. I'm not alone.
A recent report on Bristol air pollution attributed 300 premature deaths every year to NO2 and soot particles (8.5% of all Bristol deaths being due to air pollution). Polluted air contributes to onset of heart disease and cancer, causes asthma and particularly affects children and older people (Source: Bristol City Council 2018 Air Quality Annual Status Report).
2 years after the previous "Let Bristol Breathe" petition led to promises of action from the Council we now need to see it. Marvin Rees - we need clean air, not hot air! AND WE NEED IT NOW!


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Reasons for signing

  • Bristol must take radical action and remove vehicles from much of the centre of the city. Also, it is time we innovate with home heating and stop using gas to heat our homes.
  • I also cycle around the city and do not wish my health or anyone else's to be put a risk through breathing in this pollution, especially not children. Also, all of this is contributing to climate change.
  • This cause needs to be supported.


2019-04-29 16:59:34 +0100

I've emailed Marvin (Bristol Mayor) directing him to this petition - and had a response, albeit simply noting that further review is underway, that the problem with a congestion charge is that it would have a disproportionate affect on the poor (who tend to own older, more polluting cars) and that there are many competing priorities. I'm sure he is genuinely trying to do a difficult job - but I still feel that too many cars, congested streets, and poor quality air affect everyone - and especially the poor (who tend to live near the busiest roads). I haven't noticed much (any) change since the climate emergency was announced and still cycle amongst buses, commercial vehicles and cars which belch out black smoke. So, sincere thanks to all who have signed so far - but please keep up the pressure (including emailing the Mayor direct). Thanks. Pete

2019-02-27 11:32:18 +0000

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