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To: Bristol City Council

Let Bristol Breathe Clean Air – now!

Let Bristol Breathe Clean Air – now!

Take urgent action to address the causes of air pollution in Bristol

Why is this important?

I cycle to work in Bristol daily and increasingly get home with a tight chest and struggling to breathe. I'm not alone.
A recent report on Bristol air pollution attributed 300 premature deaths every year to NO2 and soot particles (8.5% of all Bristol deaths being due to air pollution). Polluted air contributes to onset of heart disease and cancer, causes asthma and particularly affects children and older people (Source: Bristol City Council 2018 Air Quality Annual Status Report).
2 years after the previous "Let Bristol Breathe" petition led to promises of action from the Council we now need to see it. Marvin Rees - we need clean air, not hot air! AND WE NEED IT NOW!


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Reasons for signing

  • For every 300 who are killed, remember there are perhaps 3,000 who have to struggle with disease.
  • This is no longer a fringe issue. It is part of the biggest issue of all and needs immediate significant action.
  • I would like to see: - The cycle routes either side of Bedminster Bridge connected properly - Further investment in the bus network to make it easier for people to get around, especially parents doing the school run who cause most of the traffic outside my house.


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