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To: Bristol Alliance and Bristol City Council

Let Broadmead breathe

07/09/17 Thank you! We did it.

On Tuesday 6 Sept, Bristol City Council's Development Committee A rejected the car park proposals in Bristol Alliance's proposed redevelopment of Broadmead. This was as a result of our expressed concerns about air quality, increased congestion and access to the car park through Brunswick Square. The developers have been asked to go back to the drawing board and reconsider their proposals for the area to take these concerns into account. Your support of this petition has helped make the difference.

Let Broadmead breathe

While welcoming the principle of redevelopment of Broadmead, to enhance it as a vibrant place to visit, shop, live and work, we believe that the current proposed redevelopment of Broadmead shopping centre should be rejected by Bristol City Council because the proposed 580 additional spaces for car parking will worsen already illegal air quality and will worsen already severe traffic congestion in the City Centre

Why is this important?

The "Bristol Alliance" is proposing a major redevelopment of Broadmead and Callowhill Court with a new multi-storey car park opening onto Bond Street (next to where Fabricland is currently situated). This car park will provide 580 new car parking spaces with a new set of traffic lights to allow access and exit to the car park. The development prioritises cars over walking, cycling and public transport. The additional vehicle movements associated with the development will worsen already illegal air quality in the City Centre and will add to congestion on one of Bristol's most important transport arteries. This proposal is being considered by Bristol City Council's Development Committee A on Wednesday 6 September - the reference number on the Bristol City Council planning portal is 16/06594/P


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Reasons for signing

  • bristol centre is already overloaded with cars often carrying a single person - extra parking will only encourage people to drive into the city rather than take a bus, train, walk or cycle
  • We have Park & Ride. We're soon to have Metrobus. We should not and need not be encouraging more cars into an already congested, polluted city centre.
  • Increasing city centre capacity to park cars is a very expensive way to inrease traffic jams and pollution. It also runs counter to recent policy.


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