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To: Albert Bore, Leader of Birmingham City Council

Let Homeless People Sleep in Birmingham Grand Central Over Winter

Create a space in Grand Central/New Street Station, over the winter months, where homeless people can come in the evening and sleep.

Why is this important?

There is so much unused space in Birmingham. Just think how many square foot becomes empty and unused at night; all our high rise offices, all of our shops, all of our businesses, and now grand central. At the same time, tens (if not hundreds given the recent explosion we've seen of people sleeping rough in Birmingham) of people have to sleep outside; exposed, cold and often in fear of abuse. Let's stretch out a hand and do a simple thing, which may have a profound impact. Let's utilise our space and create an area in Grand Central where there are beds available to those sleeping on the streets. Let's break down barriers in society, and truly show that we care.

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