To: Ribble Valley Borough Council

Let Leia Run

The petition has been handed in to Ribble Valley Borough Council who will now review the response to their consultation. On line and on paper we had more than 2000 signatures.

Let Leia Run

Please drop your proposals for Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) and let dogs run and play.

Why is this important?

The picture shows Leia and Harold. Once Leia lived in a small room and was never walked; she was rescued by Harold and now runs for joy on Clitheroe Castle Field.

Under Ribble Valley Borough Council's proposed Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) Leia and all other dogs in the Ribble Valley would have to be on leads at all times on all council owned land, including parks and open space. Non-compliance could result in a fine of £100.

The dog-walking community in the Ribble Valley believes this is an extreme and disproportionate response to the problem of dog fouling, and will impact most on responsible owners who clean up after their dogs and who are concerned for their dogs’ welfare. Complying with this order would result in many dog owners being forced to break the Animal Welfare Act 2006, which obliges dog owners to give dogs the freedom to express normal behaviours and give them appropriate exercise.

Ribble Valley District

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Reasons for signing

  • This is an attack of dog owners civil liberties. I suggest people withhold their council tax in rebellion at this draconian proposal.
  • It's absolutely ridiculous that a council should want to take such an extreme action as this!!
  • Because this does not address the real problem of people not being responsible and picking up dog poo or generally poor behaviour, we have been dealing with it in the village where I live and we have found a way forward without enforcing dogs on leads, keep up the pressure , well done to all


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