To: Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, ICC Prosecutor

Letter to the ICC at the Hague Re Potentially Criminal breaches of Human Rights in the UK

Letter to the ICC at the Hague Re Potentially Criminal breaches of Human Rights in the UK

Dear Mrs Bensouda,

I refer to the petition presently on it's way to you from Mr. Tony Gurney regarding potentially criminal behaviour involving the mistreatment of British disabled and sick people, which can be found here:

Since Mr. Gurney created his petition, another event has occurred in Britain relating to the failure of State responsibilities in matters of the human right to a fair trial. The judgement can be found here:

Recent changes to the treatment of UK jobless, and those staff employed to deliver state services to them, suggests that the absolute prohibition of psychological torture is being breached by government policy, as detailed in the following link:

I believe there may be evidence to show that the UK government, in association with persons unknown, is 'nudging' the British people - via state and privately-owned media - to accept these breaches as both acceptable and 'normal'; See links:

I believe there may be evidence to show that the present British government and it's ministers are knowingly responsible for the criminal neglect of British children and violating their Right to Life:

The above examples are just the very tip of an iceberg of legal evidence the size of Jupiter.

Furthermore, the present government shows little interest in resolving any of the matters raised by a concerned public; I believe this behaviour displays a criminal standard of callous disregard for any personal or social duty of care to the public.

I believe we, the British public, have sufficient evidence to prove both intent to breach and breach of the Human Rights of British citizens to the satisfaction your Criminal Court

Why is this important?

Because upholding Human Rights is the Law.

And because my grandfather and father risked their lives to create this Law.

How do we ask you, as Chair of the ICC, to take our request for an investigation of potentially criminal actions by the British government towards us seriously?

I would be most grateful if you could supply us with any proper procedures you need us to comply with in order for your court to consider hearing our evidence.

Thank you - we and my fellow signatories look forward to hearing from you.

Reasons for signing

  • Conservatives have no humanity to the sick nor the well. They only like the rich and this country is carried on the backs of the poor!
  • All MP's think they are above the law and the economic climate, they are Corporatist puppets with no accountability to the general populace, who despise them. This must change immediately!
  • because of rights have been taken away from us by the Tories and I think it's time something should be done about it


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It follows that this petition may not be necessary, if recognised procedures exist to redress the problem. There is also argument for leaving it up though; it offers an avenue for the public to register their own opinion on the matter. The numbers will give us a feeling of how strongly the issue of crimes against humanity is felt in UK..

This petition doesnt yet 'speak' with for voice of the silenced masses. We have too many missing voices still.

So, if you know 'outsiders' interested in expressing their opinion on whether the ICC might discuss potential human rights violations in the UK, with particular reference to gender-based matters, please let them know this avenue exists.

Your opinion does matter. You already know mine.

Would you like me to write this letter I'm planning, or are we not too bothered about it ;)

Thank you.

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I apologise for being rather silent. I've actually been as busy as my health will allow. Allowances need to be made for this failing because it is my IRL reality please!

Anyway, we haz updates:

Firstly, various points about the ICC from Samuel regarding its history, particularly in matters of whether austerity is a crime against humanity.

This was my response as a woman:

Further information has since come to light that points to the possibility that a reasoned and legitimate approach to the ICC, and supported by evidence, might now be possible. For further details - including ICC standards regarding both ICC Prosecutors and the managing of gender crimes - on the following links:

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Thank you all so much for responding.

You can read my latest blogpost on the petition here: The UK Human Rights Petition #UKHRpetition

We also now have further information about the ICC Prosecutor and the history of the ICC in matters of crimes against humanity and austerity, here:

Calling all #UK #Women impacted by #Austerity

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1,000 signatures reached

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Day 1 and we already have over 500 signatures! Thank you! The numbers are rising fast.

Thank you all for your comments too.

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500 signatures reached

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100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

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