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To: George Eustace.

Lighten up on the Bass angler

This campaign has ended. The Governing bodies have taken over a European petition to deliver to Parliament.

Lighten up on the Bass angler

We want you to think about the changes and restrictions that may be brought in in 2018 for the bass angler which we feel is unfair.

Why is this important?

European Commission proposals on bass for 2018. No targeting of bass for the public (i.e recreational anglers) for six months then catch and release for the second half of the year. Rod and line commercials are restricted to 4 tonnes per year (down from ten) with a closure in February and March and a non bye catch allowance for netting. It is frankly outrageous that anglers are being penalised far beyond the impact they have on the stock - and will imapct on the economic benefits angling brings to coastal towns around the country. We as anglers should fight this and try to make sure the commercial restrictions remain in place. This is not about Brexit or unelected buerocrats etc... this is based on the science and it is up to us to contact our local MP's and urge them to put pressure on George Eustace to fight the restrictions

Reasons for signing

  • Bass anglers are instinctive conservationists trawlers/netters are destructive
  • Fed up of being told what to do by unelected bureaucrats
  • Because too many dead fish being put back from trawlers which have been unintentionally caught.


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