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To: City of Edinburgh Licensing Board Paul Godzik

No school-hours drinking at bar by Boroughmuir

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Kate Morris

We won! The bar by Boroughmuir High School will not be allowed to serve alcohol before 6pm.

No school-hours drinking at bar by Boroughmuir

Stop the drinking of alcohol before 6.00 pm at 200-person capacity Napier University bar only metres from Boroughmuir High School.

Why is this important?

Napier has hired top firm Anderson Strathearn to push through drinking from 2.00pm - please support our campaign against this. The Licensing Board decides on 24 November.

Students are glamorous role models for high school pupils, and to have a huge bar right by Boroughmuir selling alcohol during school hours sends all the wrong messages. It risks normalizing youth drinking for Boroughmuir pupils.

With alcohol consumption in Scotland higher than the UK national average and drinking problems emerging at a worryingly young age, we call on Edinburgh Council to exercise their duty of care and protect our children and young people from this unnecessary pressure. Fountainbridge is already an officially designated area of over provision in terms of alcohol sales.

Boroughmuir works hard to reduce alcohol misuse, and to allow alcohol sale before 6.00pm at a large-scale glass-walled bar right by the school is to fly in the face of this work. It also makes no sense at a time when the reduction of alcohol misuse is a priority of the Scottish national government.

Concerns about noise, outdoor smoking and anti-social behaviour also make this licence application fundamentally unsuitable. This bar is quite simply in the wrong place.

This petition is sent on behalf of Boroughmuir Parent Council, South Morningside Parent Council, Bruntsfield Parent Council and Merchiston Community Council.

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Reasons for signing

  • It is a no-brainer
  • Agree with the petitions views.
  • Ridiculous situating a bar so close to a new school.


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