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To: Jason McCartney MP

Make Kirklees Locala accountable

Dear Mr McCartney

I would like you to ask why those parts of the NHS that are being broken away and formed into Community Interest Companies, such as Locala which now runs all the community health services for Kirklees, refuse to be more open and subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Locala who also run Holme Valley Memorial Hospital refuse to answer any questions under the FOI Act. I would also ask that they be made to comply with this act.

As one of the Kirklees MP's you have access to the Health Minister and out local NHS providers and have been elected to look after our local interests.

Why is this important?

Community Interest Companies, CIC, are being formed from various parts of our NHS, for example District Nurses, school nurses, cottage hospitals and as such are not required and will not answer any questions under the Freedom of Information Act. We cannot find out about such things as MRSA rates, staffing rates, number of lost records, bullying, pay rates for senior executives, etc.

CIC are funded by us out of the NHS budget but we have no rights to ask what the money is being spent on and how successful the spend has been. They say they are "Not for profit" companies but that does not mean they are not a "Not for loss".
The Huddersfield Examiner ran an article on the situation

These are your services, you family members, children that depend and use these services so do we not have the right to ask uncomfortable questions and find out where our money is being spent and how efficiently it is being used.
Kirklees District, United Kingdom

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