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To: Jeremy Hunt

Make Asthma medications exempt from NHS prescription charges.

Make Asthma medications exempt from NHS prescription charges.

Make Asthma medications exempt from NHS prescription charges.

Why is this important?

Like other life threatening conditions, unless medicated the risk of a simple Asthma attack turning into something much more serious, this is why many rely on their medications on a daily basis, like Diabetes for example.

I am proposing that those with Asthma who have had it for an established amount of time should be made exempt from charges.

Currently Asthma patients have to pay for prescriptions regarding their much needed medication. This charge is separate per inhaler, so many sufferers including myself have to pay almost £8 every month minimum for medication which is needed for emergency situations including asthma attacks, which are a serious life threatening condition.

There are 5.4 million people with asthma in the UK. This means asthma affects one in five households, a majority include the vulnerable, those with pre-existing health conditions, including the elderly and young children, many of which have to sustain this condition for life.

Each year, many people die from this condition. Infact statistics for 2011 showed that there were 1,167 deaths from asthma in the UK alone (18 of these were children aged 14 and under), according to Asthma UK.

This is not acceptable. There are no doubt cases where people cannot afford to pay this monthly charge and therefore risk not having an inhaler with them, which could lead to hospital admission which costs the NHS more than what a yearly prescription would cost. Now imagine how those figures would drop if medication was made free to those suffering from this condition.


Reasons for signing

  • Why are diabetics more important.asthma is life threatning,and my life has been hell at times.also my two sons have it.
  • I have seen my mum's asthma worsen as she gets older shes on various tablets and pumps she works and it is costly every month. It is a severe condition and life threatening when an attack happens. not being able to breathe isnt nice and having to pay for help to do so is even worse.
  • Why should asthmatic people pay for prescriptions when diabetics don't! This is a life threatening illness


2016-08-25 21:13:38 +0100

Press have been contacted regarding the petition and there is a lot of interest kicking around now, i will be working hard to gather as many supporters as possible, im sorry for being so quiet but your support is making waves.

Kind Regards.


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