To: Candidates in the 2015 UK general election

Make our MPs work for us - National

Make our MPs work for us - National

Please put your constituents first by actively seeking their views on big issues and voting according to their will in parliament.

Why is this important?

We want our MPs to put our views first, NOT the party agenda, the media, or the wealthy donors. We think it’s time our politicians genuinely represented us: the people who put them in power and pay their salaries. If enough people sign this petition, candidates in this election will feel pressured to agree to the MyMP pledge to vote on the big issues in the way the voters want.

We can vote for TV show contestants online and from apps on our phones and the best organisations use consultation to find out what their members/customers think – the technology is already here to make democracy directly and easily available. There is nothing stopping MPs finding out their constituents’ view on the NHS, immigration, fracking, or going to war. MPs should all be harnessing this technology to listen to their constituents on the important issues and then voting in Parliament in line with their constituents’ views.

If candidates in the upcoming election (whether they're from any party, or no party) would pledge to represent us in this way, we could guarantee that whoever won the seat, the people would be listened to. It would free the winning candidate from the lash of party whips and give them a true mandate in line with their duty as an MP, which is to their constituents first and foremost.

Will you put pressure on your local candidates and candidates across the country by joining this call for political renewal? Please sign the petition and pass it on.


How it will be delivered

We will invite press to a presentation of the petition at an event in April

Reasons for signing

  • This is the only system that brings the people closer to real democracy, for years we've been told we live in a democracy but this is a lie. I no longer wish to support self-serving politicians interested in the status quo.
  • Lincolnshire Independents are determined to put local residents first. This video sums it up, spot on!
  • MPs are not representative. The voting system is rubbish and should be of a PR nature. We're not allowed to vote for "none of the above" and have that abstention recorded as a genuine opinion. MPs serve their parties, which is why we should not have party government, with its iniquitous whip system. This is not representative government.


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