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Make PLAY a charitable object

Make PLAY a charitable object

We are asking you to sign this petition to support a movement in recognition of the value of PLAY and to produce a motion that will make PLAY a charitable object to attract funding in its own right. In England PLAY is NOT a statutory duty. Indisputable research shows that ALL children and young people need to play. Play is a natural process that is freely chosen, spontaneous, joyous, instinctive and absolutely vital for the all-round development of resilient human beings.

Watch Dens of Equality Film to see Inclusive Play in action

Why is this important?

Play is a biological, psychological and social necessity. Time and opportunity given for play has been eroded over recent decades. Funding for PLAY has been decimated and its importance underestimated. Its absence is now causing real apprehension for children and young people’s well-being. This is demonstrated daily by rising concerns around safeguarding, mental health and obesity issues. The UK is bound to article 31 of the UN convention protecting Children's Right to Play. PLAY demands recognition as an end in itself, as a priority frontline service for ALL children and as a standalone object absolutely worthy of funding.

Dens of Equality creates inclusive community PLAY and leisure opportunities, which put disabled children and young people at the centre of provision, because inclusion is not an add on. Visit to find out more.

Reasons for signing

  • My granson goes to the play schele
  • Play is essential for every child. For children with additional needs, they have limited opportunities for play outside of the school day. This leaves long school holidays stretching out in front of them. Some children have social difficulties and really need specialist play provision so that they can enjoy play and socialising during their school holidays. Funding cut backs have been pronounced over the past few years, and this needs to be urgently reversed and MORE!
  • Because inclusion is not an add on...


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