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To: All political party leaders

Give social care the funding it needs

- Make sure everyone has access to the care they need.

- Provide secure, long term funding to deliver the care people need (recent studies say this should be a minimum increase of 3.9% in spending a year).

- Develop a long-term plan for social care that encompasses a workforce strategy and a diverse and stable market of providers to cater for everyone's needs.

- Make sure people get good quality, trusted information and advice.

Why is this important?

Social care is about supporting people with needs arising from illness, disability or old age. It is estimated that there are at least 5.4 million unpaid carers and that 1.4 million people go without the help they need on a daily basis. These numbers are growing as the population gets older and people have more long-term conditions to manage.

But the way we look after people in their old age isn't working. Right now people are forced to sell their homes to cover the huge costs of care, or rely on help from their families to foot enormous bills or to provide free and informal care. But more often than not, people go without the right care and support. And there is little sign that the government is preparing to take action to solve the social care crisis.

What’s more, the NHS is bearing the brunt of the crisis in social care, and NHS leaders believe that it is time for the Government to take action.

That's why, in response to the crisis in social care, a group of organisations representing leaders, staff and patients, from across the NHS, have come together to ask Theresa May to support their 9 key principles for a new social care settlement that works for everyone. An improved and fair adult social care system is not just absolutely vital for the health, well-being and independence of those in need of care and their families. It is also essential for our NHS to survive and thrive.



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