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To: Chris Grayling MP – Secretary of State for Transport, Jo Johnson MP – Minister for Transport and London, Sadiq Khan- Mayor of London

Make Woolwich Road Junction Safe

Make Woolwich Road Junction Safe

Reinstate the A102/A206 junction onto the Safer Junctions scheme following the tragic deaths of two cyclists.

Why is this important?

Following the recent death of the second cyclist to be killed at this dangerous junction, it urgently needs to be included onto the list of the capital’s most dangerous junctions. Specifically, Sadiq Khan’s Safer Junctions programme which has superseded both the Cycle Superhighway 4, and the Better Junctions programmes that previously included the junction.

It’s disappointing that neither TFL nor the Transport Secretary addressed the issue of this junction in the planning process for the Silvertown Tunnel, and that a junction that is already used by thousands of heavy goods vehicles will see more HGV’s using the A102 following its completion putting more cyclists lives at risk. The roads of this junction need to be made safer for use for both cyclists and pedestrians.

The poor design of this junction puts both cyclists and pedestrian’s lives at risk every day. Pedestrians using the crossing on the slip road from the A206 to the A102 south bound are at risk every day of vehicles not stopping at the lights who frequently continue onto the slip road without noticing the poorly placed lights. The close proximity of the local primary school means that many local parents have little choice but to use this crossing on their journeys to school, and have witnessed cars not stopping when the lights change.

Please reconsider the downgrading of this junction from the Safer Junctions programme.

Greenwich, London

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Reasons for signing

  • The junction here reminds me of a scene from a disaster movie. its almost impossible for an able bodied person to navigate the paths and crossings.
  • I live close by and this is such a dangerous junction
  • I had the side taken out of my car by a huge tipper Lordy at this junction a few years ago ! It's worse now ! ,


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