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To: Metrocentre management

Make Metrocentre treat tenants fairly

Make Metrocentre treat tenants fairly

Capital Shopping Centres should repay all of the money that they took illegally from many of the tenants

Why is this important?

Capital Shopping Centres and the Church Commissioners of the C of E; unfairly forced us to stay in a lease costing us all very large sums of money. Many people lost everything including their homes and their businesses.

Management knew that the Mall was not fit for purpose; they paid Metroland to stay along with the Bowling Alley Complex. In short they lied cheated and stole our money.

It is an absolute scandal that the Church of England and Capital Shopping Centres can do this and get away with it! They made vast sums of money out of the misery of their tenants

Your help can force both of these organisations to face up to their liabilities and put right the serious wrongs that they have committed.

Metrocentre, Gateshead District, United Kingdom

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2014-02-12 11:10:32 +0000

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