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To: Department for Business

Minimum milk price for farmers

Minimum milk price for farmers

Discuss change on how milk is currently being used as a loss leader in supermarkets. Work with farmers to ensure a minimum cost of production is achieved & fair contracts are used.

Why is this important?

Many farmers are being driven out of business by the falling milk price. Farmers are currently working at a 10 pence per litre loss, they are powerless to stop this as they have a price dictated to them.


Reasons for signing

  • These people have a very hard life, and its 365 days a year, so we can have a cup of tea.
  • The farmers work hard to get the milk to us, so we should pay the proper cost of it.
  • The supermarkets are robbing our farmers and paying them less than it costs to produce the milk. Every pint bought at a supermarket is more money taken from our farmers. There will be no farms left soon! Disgusting!


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