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To: Transport, Haulage Industry and Government.

Minimum Wage for HGV Drivers

Minimum Wage for HGV Drivers

Create a minimum wage for Professional Drivers.
Class One £13 per hour Monday - Friday.
Class Two £11per hour Monday - Friday.
Weekends, Night shift, and Holidays should be paid at a premium rate.

Why is this important?

Professional Drivers are continually being exploited by Recruitment Agencies, Transport, Haulage and Logistic companies. Professional Drivers should be paid a professional wage for the long hours, stress, health risk, financial aspects within the industry, and the time away from there friends and family.
The industry is being swamped by low wage jobs forcing Professional Drivers to live on the bread line, Professional Drivers to leave the industry, and is creating and helping maintain a national shortage of Professional Drivers. The Government needs to act now to safeguard this profession, encourage school leavers and others to choose this industry as a career and help safeguard the economy.



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