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To: Marshall Group, Cambridge

Move the Radar

Our campaign was a success! At a meeting with residents on Monday afternoon, 25 January, Marshall committed to moving the radar to a more suitable location on the airport site. The new site has already been selected and work is underway to ensure that the move takes place as quickly as possible.

On behalf of the wider RAADAR group, I’m writing to thank you for your support. Your signatures and shares contributed enormously to the strength of our campaign. Your voice really made a difference.

Move the Radar

RAADAR (Residents Against Airport Disturbance and Radar)

Sign our petition calling on Marshall Group to move its new high powered radar away from our homes in Abbey Ward.

Why is this important?

At thirty-eight metres high, the ugly and imposing mast is almost five times taller than our homes and it stands just forty metres from the nearest house.

In addition to its constant rotation, the radar emits an audible hum twenty-four hours a day. It also creates an invasive stroboscopic light effect and shadow flicker inside our homes and in our gardens. Its impacts are significant, not least on our mental health and on the wellbeing of our community.

The old radar system is still operating and is located on open land, far from any housing, on the Cherry Hinton side of the airport site. The new system was built without consultation under Permitted Development Rights to facilitate a proposed Marshall Properties/Endurance Estates housing scheme on their land north of Cherry Hinton.

In what we regard as an abuse of its Permitted Development Rights, Marshall has located the new system as far from its own developments and as close to existing residential properties as is conceivably possible.

As residents, we were denied:
- consultation
- an environmental impact assessment
- a planning process
- the right to object

We call on Marshall Group to move the radar to an alternative location on its substantial Cambridge Airport site, away from existing homes.

Sign our petition and support our campaign.

Visit our website at

Contact us at [email protected].

Judge the visual impact, noise, and light effects for yourself on the following external YouTube channel

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